Fitness Frenzy

FUTP60 Grant Provides Opportunity to Bring Heart Rate Monitors to PE

With a Nov. 7 deadline on the horizon, teachers searching for funding to purchase heart rate technology have time to apply for a $4,000 grant from the NFL’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program.

Fuel Up To Play 60 (FUTP60) grants provide teachers with funding to implement programs designed to improve their fitness and nutrition. The grants require that funding is spent evenly on each, and applications must demonstrate specifics how students will learn nutritional and fitness skills. Read More

MMS wins BCBS grant to boost student activity

Originally published Sept. 14, 2018 in the Shelby County Reporter.

By Nancy Wilstach

Shelia Jett, physical education teacher at Montevallo Middle School, is tackling the problem of inactivity among adolescent girls . . . one heartbeat at a time.

Jett got a big boost to her efforts when Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama presented her school with a $10,000 Be Healthy grant, a part of the health insurance company’s effort to help kids form healthy habits. Read More

PE heart rate monitors

PE Heart Rate Monitors Nurture a Passion for Activity in Young Students

Teacher Uses Technology to Encourage Students to Exercise at Elevated Heart Rates to Build Essential Healthy Habits

By giving his students an early introduction to PE heart rate monitors, David Kober wants to nurture their passion for activity and develop heart rate training skills that will help students lead healthy lifestyles.

“Our community isn’t always as active and healthy as it needs to be,” Kober said. “I want to teach the students how to be healthy and why it’s important to be healthy. As they get older, this is just something they need to know to stay healthy.” Read More

adaptive PE students

Adaptive PE Students Use Heart Rate Monitors to Manage Health

Heart Rate Monitor’s Changing Colors Teach Cognitively Impaired Students When Exercise is Necessary

A Michigan Adaptive PE administrator’s use of heart rate monitors enables students to manage their health and wellness even if they don’t understand how heart rate impacts their physical fitness.

“I’m interested in teaching our students who are cognitively impaired how to self-regulate,” said Ann Arbor Schools Adaptive PE Teacher Consultant Deak Swearingen. Read More

heart rate monitor education

Heart Rate Monitor Education Empowers Students to Manage Fitness

More Students Have Access to Fitness Information But Few Learn to Make Full Use of the Data

By making heart rate monitor education a vital part of using PE fitness technology, teachers enable students to take ownership of their fitness development.

“I’ve asked student after student after student: ‘I see you’ve got yourself a [commercial heart rate monitor or fitness tracker],’” said Shane Stubbs, a 20-year veteran PE teacher in Australia. “Then I say ‘hands up if you’ve ever looked at the dashboard on the app or on that website?’ Then I ask, ‘how many of you know what it means?’ None of them do.” Read More