The importance of yoga in kids’ development

Originally published June 18, 2019 in Mid-Day Online.

Yoga and meditation have proven to be particularly beneficial for the physical and emotional health of children aged 6 to 12

Yoga – an ancient practice that gained higher momentum in the past few decades as people began to comprehend the interrelation between physical, emotional and spiritual welfare. Now, with kids also facing numerous apprehensions due to a demanding lifestyle, the practice of yoga is a triumphant remedy that has paved the way into school curriculums too.

A simple yoga routine has the capacity to negate the overstimulation children experience nowadays. Yoga at an early age sculpts young minds and bodies, giving tools that will enrich and support children to be balanced, creative, and calm individuals with a strong sense of individuality. It enhances self-esteem, concentration and body awareness; and the ability to deal with life’s challenges smoothly. Physically, yoga improves coordination and it has a powerful effect on brain development and brings heightened focus. Read More