Originally published May 25 in The Tallassee Tribune.

By Cliff Williams

Thirty-one Tallassee Elementary School second graders have joined a special club — The Mile Club.

The Mile Club is managed by P.E. teacher Terrell Brown to encourage healthy habits early in life. Every student at Tallassee Elementary School runs one mile every week, only a select few make it into the Mile Club.


“Mile Clubbers are a special group for us,” Brown said. “They run at least two to three miles per week. It is hard to get 40 miles in during a school year. I’m very proud of this group.”

The school has a quarter mile track to make the running possible. But running doesn’t happen every day at the school.

“It is not the easiest thing in the world to do at school during the school year, especially with the challenges of cold weather, rain and holidays,” Brown said. “It can’t be too cold or hot. If the heat index gets much above 90 degrees we are not going to do it.”

Brown hopes the students will take the physical activity habits home. Not only does he want his students to play and run, but he wants the children to be the example for the parents.

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