Originally published March 16, 2023 in The Campanile.

By Lilian Clark

Scrolling through Instagram, senior Ella Rosenblum sees young women promoting the value of “gentle workouts” like Pilates and long walks, bringing to light a new workout trend.

Every year, new workouts flow in and out of the public eye.

In past years, high-intensity interval training and weight training have been seen as the most effective ways to exercise by many health experts.

However, more recently, there has been a redefinition of effective exercises.

On Instagram and TikTok, Pilates, yoga, inclined treadmill and long walks have taken over.

Physical Education teacher Sheri Mulroe said it is important that people have diverse workouts to promote wellbeing.

“(Gentle workouts) are known as low-intensity steady state workouts or LISS, and they are part of a well-rounded person,” Mulroe said.

Rosenblum is a certified yoga instructor and said while she enjoys practicing yoga daily, she also prioritizes weight training and cardio to diversify her workouts.

She said the redefinition of effective workouts can be beneficial when taken lightly.

“It feels like every week someone on TikTok is saying that there’s a different way that is best if you want results,” Rosenblum said. “The main issue is that people go to the extremes. They don’t just say something like, ‘It can be good to include Pilates,’ they say things like, ‘Weight lifting will ruin your body. Pilates is the only way to see results.’”

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    The Campanile: Students, staff encourage diverse workouts instead of exercise trends
    Catchy as they are, trendy workouts may not be beneficial to long-term fitness.
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