Originally published April 15, 2020 by Oklahoma City Fox25.

By Jasmine Anderson

Coach Stephen Johnson is a father of two, working from home around his kids’ continuous learning” schedule and he admits its an adjustment.

“I miss people, I love to talk to people and shake hands and smile. Just being cooped up inside the house, makes it a little bit difficult but at least I have my kids to entertain and they love it.”

Johnson is a Physical Education teacher for Putnam City Schools. He creates interactive lessons for Tulakes elementary school students.

“I thought let’s go outside… let’s make an obstacle course,” said Johnson.

His P.E. class is a way to stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic. The kids can participate in mini workouts that include jumping jacks, push-ups and lunges.

Johnson says the Putnam City School District uses a system to upload material, and the students are able to communicate with their teachers through messaging.

“They can actually do the activities at their house. They give me feedback by e-mailing information, ‘Coach Johnson I really like that workout,’ ‘oh that workout is tough Coach Johnson-my mom is doing it with me,'” said Johnson.

But Johnson says it’s not just about physical fitness in his viral classroom.

His students and children are learning about muscle functions through song, introducing them to various career paths in medicine and physical therapy.

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    Tulakes teacher creates virtual P.E. class
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    Tulakes teacher creates virtual P.E. class
    Teacher creates interactive lessons that encourage students to stay active while learning from home.
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