Originally published Aug. 18, 2020 by Channel3000.

By Josh Spreiter

As more and more schools look to start virtually online this fall, there’s a push for more physical education at home. As a parent, you might be wondering how that’s supposed to look, so we found an easy way to help you out.

Cindy Kuhrasch is the head of UW-Madison’s physical education teacher program. She’s a mom herself, and like you, she’s stuck at home, but using this time to help your family.

“We’re using movement as a means to educate,” Kuhrasch said. “We can use movement as a medium to teach a lot of really good things, including social and emotional skills which are very much needed right now.”

Kuhrasch is posting videos on social media showing physical activities that are safe for your kids.

The idea is to incorporate positive social skills that are easy to do at home, with one or maybe two people within your household, using little to no equipment. These activities are simple to play, a little more complicated to develop, but that’s where the intention is behind it.

“Making sure we include that social component, and a positive social component, in every part of what we do is really important,” Kuhrasch explained.

Now as many parents are feeling the pressures of being sort of everything for their children right now, she says it’s important for you to take a step back and enjoy some of these moments of interaction.

“They don’t have to be a teacher,” Kuhrasch added. “They can be a playmate in some of these activities and they can receive the same kind of joy the students and kids do.”

She says movement is easy with a little imagination. You can find her videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just search “UW Madison PE.”

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