Originally published Jan. 10, 2019 by TapIntoWarren.

By Shannon Regan

Warren Township Physical Education teachers Mr. John Tsihlas (Mr. T) and Mrs. Laura Lamson have been teaching some unique activities and games to Warren Township Schools’ students, their families as well as students from Dickerson Elementary School (Chester, NJ) and educators throughout Somerset and Morris counties.

On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, over ninety Warren Township Schools’ students and their families attended Tsihlas and Lamson’s Family Fun Fitness Night at Central School (Warren). Tsihlas and Lamson planned activities that would be fun for any age group.

The evening started with a game called Shipwreck, Tsihlas as the captain and Lamson as the first mate. This interactive story is narrated by the captain who directs the first mate and the rest of the ship crew to walk the plank, clean the decks, dance like Baby Shark and so much more. The activity integrates creativity, imaginative play, gross motor skills, locomotor skills, fitness, and fun. The Central School PTO served healthy snacks to give everyone enough energy for the rest of the evening which included games such as four-way volleyball with a jumbo ball and corral the critter!

The objective for the evening was to showcase activities that the students participate in each week during Physical Education class, but more importantly, to provide an opportunity for their families to play along. Both Tsihlas and Lamson hope that the outreach program taught students and their families that being active and exercising can be a blast!

“The looks on the parents’ faces were priceless, I think they may have enjoyed themselves more than the students!” Tsihlas said.

Tsihlas and Lamson have taken this show on the road. On Wednesday, December 14, 2018, both were invited to attend and present at a conference called PE JAM. The conference was held at Dickerson Elementary School in Chester NJ. Over fifty physical education teachers observed while Tsihlas and Lamson taught the game Shipwreck to a group of grade 5 students.

“It was a great success, we represented Warren well and received wonderful feedback. The students and observing educators loved the activity,” Tsihlas said.

The Warren Township School district strives to educate the whole child. Physical Education class supports and reinforces the health and well-being of each student.

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