Originally published Nov. 15, 2022 by WILX10.com.

By Erin Bowling

Gym class is open to all students, but that doesn’t always mean everyone can participate. Allison Wonch was named Michigan’s Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year, after finding ways to include every student in the gym.

Audrey Murphy is a second grader at Sycamore Elementary School. When Murphy was asked about her gym teacher, Allison Wonch, Murphy said “I like gym because I just like to see her.”

Dariya Terry is also a second grader at Sycamore, and said about Wonch, “Every time we come here she has a big smile and that’s nice.”

Allison Wonch grew up in a sports family and has always valued physical activity. She has spent her career finding ways to bring that same value to students with disabilities.

“When you get a unique student who really has some barriers, you’re really motivated to just brainstorm,” Wonch said. “Like how can I make them successful so that they enjoy it and want to keep being there?”

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