Clareann Grimaldi



Throughout her career, Clareann has worked in research institutions and technology start-up companies. She joins the IHT’s sales team to serve our Northeast clients. Clareann has participated in education studies and the development of education technologies to support teaching and learning for in-school classes and out-of-school programs. Her career mission is to support educators collect and use of relevant data to understand each student’s achievement, as well as provide tools to engage and empower students in their learning. From years of experience, Clareann has shown that well-designed education tools offer meaningful opportunities for connection between educators and students to enhance learning.

She knows from vast experience that educators’ want to evaluate and prove the importance their programs to all education stakeholders and, in turn, use their data to seek and secure funding to grow their programs.

In joining IHT she will continue her work to provide educators an easy to use, state-of-the-art technology to support class management, real-time data collection and reporting, aggregate reports for students, parents, and educators. Clareann is a strong advocate that well designed PE activities with measurable goals, will help students learn the benefits of physical exercise, increase academic performance and ultimately build lifelong, healthy physical and nutritional habits.

Clareann lives in the Hudson Valley, NY and loves to scramble up rocks and hike in all seasons.

Clareann holds an undergraduate degree in Economics, Fordham University, as well as a doctorate in Education and Technology, Teachers College, Columbia University.

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