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IHT and adidas are paving the way for a new age of fitness technology in schools that aims to empower young people to become self-motivated in managing their own health. Healthy living is a key issue facing children today, and our partnership is giving kids individualized goals for PE that will help them realize their own potential. adidas is a leading brand in sports innovation and its miCoach training service has helped elite professionals and consumers maximize their potential through technology and expert guidance. This same commitment to unleashing human potential through custom personal guidance is now in the U.S. school system through the partnership with IHT.


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This is where you’ll find the HEART of PE! The Spirit Challenges powered by adidas provide students, teachers and parents with the opportunity to challenge themselves and others from across the country to work hard and win rewarding prizes such as adidas equipment and apparel, funding and scholarships. With fall and the start of school upon us, there’s no better time to turn over a new leaf, turning up your heart rate and challenge yourself to start the school year off by unleashing your best!



IHT, adidas release Spirit Mobile App for Individual Use

Interactive Health Technologies®, LLC, announces the release of the new IHT Spirit Mobile App, the next step in personalizing physical education by connecting users with heart rate data. Developed in conjunction with adidas, the free IHT Spirit Mobile App enables users to connect with the IHT Spirit System® outside of the traditional school confines.

FULL STORY - adidas Wants to be the Coolest Gym Teacher Ever

This week sportswear maker adidas debuted a new wearable device, co-developed with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT). Called the adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit, it’s the first wrist-based wearable device developed specifically for physical education class use. Currently, IHT supports 1,500 teachers in 800 schools across the country and during the 2015 school year, 600,000 children were connected to the IHT Spirit System. With the help of the new wearable, IHT is on track to hit their 2016 target of interacting with one million students nationwide on a daily basis.

FULL STORY - New adidas Fitness Tracker Lets Gym Teachers Monitor Their Students

Adidas, in partnership with Interactive Health Technologies, introduced a wearable activity tracker designed to be used in K-12 physical education classes. The Adidas ZONE is a wrist-only heart-rate monitor that lets PE teachers track the performance of their students so that they can adjust their curriculum accordingly. The device tracks heart-rate and workout intensity. It has NFC built-in for tap-and-go syncing, battery life rated at five days, and a flexible strap designed to fit wrists of all sizes.

FULL STORY - adidas is Bringing Wearable Tech to PE Class

Students across the nation might be playing kickball with Adidas wristbands on soon — the company has teamed up with Interactive Health Technologies to bring analytics all the way down to the youngest of competitors. The Adidas Zone is a very simple fitness tracker, but the software and marketing behind it could have some significant effects on PE class down the road.

FULL STORY - U.S. Schools May Soon be Testing adidas' New Fitness Tracker in K-12 Gym Classes

Schools in the U.S. may soon be testing a new fitness tracker from Adidas in kindergarten through high school gym classes to keep track of the health of its students. Back in 2015, Adidas announced it was working on an initiative to keep students active, but the company is finally showing off the core of its vision: a heart-rate monitoring fitness tracker called Zone.


adidas Group Blog - CES 2015 Wrap-Up: miCoach Leaves its Mark

adidas has announced its revolutionary partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) to raise awareness and understanding of fitness technology in schools. By providing students with heart rate monitors and individualized goals during PE class, the adidas/IHT partnership will empower students to become self-motivated when managing their own health. It’s fair to say that we (adidas miCoach) have maintained an unwavering commitment to unleashing human potential through custom personal guidance.


miCoach - Unlock Your Inner Athlete

adidas miCoach is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) to help promote its youth fitness programs in schools. It’s a partnership which aims to empower individuals to reach their full potential and help take Physical Education programs to the next level.


Sport Techie - Adidas Designed A Wearable Specifically For Kids in P.E. Class

To help fight youth obesity in the United States, Adidas has created a wrist-worn wearable device for students taking physical education. Called ZONE, this heart rate monitoring gadget will use the cloud to be able to share a student’s personal fitness data with teachers. This will not only help the kids, but the teachers as well since it will be easier to keep track of each individual’s performance.

FULL STORY - adidas Unveils Kid-friendly Heart Rate Monitor for Gym Class

Adidas recently unveiled a new fitness device specifically geared towards kids. In partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), Adidas built the “ZONE for IHT Spirit” wearable. It’s a bit of a tongue-twister of a name that basically means the Adidas wearable works with IHT’s existing cloud-based and education-friendly fitness-tracking program.


Gadgets & Wearables - adidas Brings Fitness Tracking to School Children

Adidas has partnered with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) to launch Zone, a new durable fitness tracker that’s designed for children to use in physical education classes. The Zone tracker is an activity tracker for the wrist that offers real-time feedback via a digital display. It tracks heart rate and nothing else, the idea being that the only thing that matters is that the child is moving. The band will show a child’s heart rate and a color will indicate the level of activity being registered (low, moderate or vigorous).


Mobile Health News - Adidas, Interactive Health Technologies Launch Heart Rate Tracking Watch for Kids' Gym Classes

Adidas has partnered with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), which offers a health tracking system designed specifically for grade school physical education (PE) courses, to launch Zone, a wristworn activity and heart rate tracking device. Zone is a durable activity tracking device that monitors a student’s heart rate throughout the day. A display on the device’s screen allows users to see their heart rate. The device also sends the data to IHT’s system, called the IHT Spirit System.


Nice Kicks - adidas and IHT to Improve Healthy Living In U.S. Schools

Yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, adidas announced a new partnership with Interactive Health Technologies that will utilize modern technology to better empower young people in managing their health. Pairing adidas’ miCoach technology with IHT’s heart rate monitoring system and customized curriculums in U.S. middle schools and high schools, the two parties aim to improve healthy living among America’s youth by setting individualized goals in PE for kids across the country.


RunBlogRun - adidas/IHT to Unlock The Health Potential in U.S. Schools

The adidas MiCoach product has been providing the athlete inside us all motivation to run, jump, throw for several years now. Most of the marketing has been focused on adults. Now, adidas teams with IHT to reach out to the scholastic market, where fitness needs to be quantified, to make a unique impact.


Engadget - adidas' Next Move Is To Keep Young Students Fit And Healthy

In the US, child obesity is an ever-growing concern that's desperately in need of a remedy. Knowing this, Adidas is now looking to help the cause and, in the process, make it fun for young people to get fit. The sporting gear company has teamed up with Interactive Health Technologies (whose mission is "empowering individuals to self-manage their health") to bring its miCoach technology to schools Stateside.



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