An educator’s search for the funds to add new initiatives, including technology that links improved student fitness to academic performance, can seem never-ending.

Spend an hour with IHT on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 learning how teachers and administrators have found success securing funding for their programs. Learn from McAllen (Texas) ISD Coordinator for Health & PE Mario Reyna, IHT Regional Vice President Eric Larson, a former PE teacher and administrator in Denver (Colorado) and IHT Co-Founder and President Jen Ohlson.

The webinar will begin at 6 p.m. CDT and will discuss keys to securing funding to purchase technology such as the IHT Spirit System®.

Reyna, a SHAPE America Hall of Fame inductee, will discuss the success he’s had obtaining funding through his school district’s Every Student Succeeds Act Title IV, Part A allocation. He will explain the process of identifying his district’s ESSA funding coordinator and creating proposals that got approved for funding.

Larson will share his experience in the Denver Public School system. He’s been on both ends of the funding spectrum, first as a PE teacher searching for funding to add tools to his program and second as an administrator approving requests for funding from his teachers.

As physical fitness links to all elements of student wellness, teachers seeking funding shouldn’t limit themselves to one specific area or budget. Ohlson will explain the different ways students benefit from improved fitness through documentable heart rate training and share strategies for creating effective proposals that will catch the eye of funding decision-makers.