Originally published Oct. 20, 2019 by 2 News.

Elementary schools throughout the Washoe County School District are expected to receive funding for its physical education programs, following the 14th Annual Run for Education event

An estimated 8,500 people came out to the Legends on Sunday morning for the event put on by the Education Alliance of Washoe County Sunday. It first began as a way to raise money to support programs that keep students healthy.

“Fourteen years ago a hard decision had to be made and P.E. was cut and a lot of those programs were cut,” Kendall Inskip, the Executive Director for the Education Alliance of Washoe County says. “And so, a bunch of community members, and business leaders and educators, great leaders, came together in order to create this wonderful Run for Education to raise money for P.E. and sports and nutrition for elementary schools.”

In 2018 Education Alliance gave 51 elementary schools $2,000 per school, as part of its Kids in Motion Grant. The Executive Director of Education Alliance says they are on track to do that again this year.

The event also recognizes two schools that bring the most kids to the run. Corbett Elementary School won both categories, bringing home two trophies and an extra $2,000 worth of funding.

Inskip says, “Healthy bodies mean healthy minds, and if kids get to run their energy out on the field and get outside and get some fresh air, they can go back in the classroom and they can study and learn and pay attention better, and they are better behaved. And so that’s really important for them for their learning, and we want all students to succeed.”

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    Elementary School Wins Extra $2,000 Grant for P.E. Funding
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    Elementary School Wins Extra $2,000 Grant for P.E. Funding
    Annual Run for Education delivers funding to support Washoe elementary school PE programs.
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