Originally published June 23, 2021 by WGEM-TV.

By Rebecca Duffy

If you are worried about your child struggling with their transition from middle to high school, a new physical education class might be able to help.

The Quincy School Board approved a new P.E. class to boost engagement in school.

The course will be offered to freshman student athletes at Quincy Senior High School this fall. Older student athletes will teach leadership skills to freshmen who are beginning their athletic careers.

School Board Vice President Shelley Arns thinks the class will help incoming student athletes with their transition from middle school.

"It's a big transition coming from junior high to high school," said Arns. "We have a lot of participation in the sports program at the junior high, and to carry that over so that it will continue throughout their freshman to senior year, I think is really important."

The P-E course is open to 75 students per semester and will feature exercises like strength and weight training. It is an alternative class option to study hall.

The school board also amended budgets for the Quincy School District, West Central Region, Quincy Area Vocational Technical Center and Special Education Association.

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    QSB approves new physical education class to promote leadership
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    QSB approves new physical education class to promote leadership
    District approves physical education class to help students transition from middle school into high school.
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