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PE Circuit Training Drives Lower Overall BMI at IDEA Schools

IDEA Public Schools Network’s Personalized Learning Program Improves Student Fitness Through Heart Rate Training

Working with the PE teachers throughout the IDEA Public Schools network, PE Curriculum Director Eren Kirksey enacted a plan to use PE circuit training lessons to lower the average Body Mass Index score of IDEA’s 44,000 students.

“Every PE class that you go to now has a [circuit-training] system in place,” Kirksey said. “We’re starting to see that employed categorically. In our highest performing classes, you’re going to see that the teacher has manipulated the environment to enable students to move more freely, which lets them get in their target heart rate zones quicker and stay there longer.” Read More


Motivated by heart rate monitors, P.E. students up their effort

Wearing new wrist-based heart rate monitors that track student progress toward daily class goals, Crestview School of Inquiry (West Des Moines, Iowa) physical education students are proving that a little motivation can last a lifetime.

“It’s a really strong motivator and it’s something that pushes the students,” said Crestview P.E. teacher Chris Amundson. “It becomes an internal motivation, an intrinsic motivation.”

Crestview is part of a West Des Moines Public Schools initiative to introduce the adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors and the IHT Spirit System Assessment Measures software platform in classes this year. Students began wearing the heart rate monitors regularly in August, and Amundson said students now look forward to working hard in P.E. class.

“Students are loving the Zones,” Amundson said on Jan. 17. “They get mad at me if they come in the gym and the Zones aren’t set up and ready for them to use. They are mad that they have to go and do something else first before they can put them on. It’s just kind of normal for them to use the Zones.” Read More


adidas Lesson for IHT Spirit: ‘Fit For Life’ Tabata Utilizes HIIT Principles in Physical Education

With class time more valuable than ever, Lunenburg High School (Mass.) physical education teacher Steve Boone developed a lesson that maximizes every second his students spend working out.

Boone’s “Fit For Life” Tabata workout allows students of all ages to exercise in short bursts over the course of a class period to get the full benefit of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The lesson he uses with his twice-weekly adult education class as well as his high school P.E. student has been selected as the January adidas Lesson for IHT Spirit.

“I try to incorporate [all] types of exercises in the Tabata workout,” Boone, a 28-year physical education veteran, said. “It changes. It’s very fluid, and it’s all based on what the students want to get out of it.”

Some of Boone’s students are adults who began working out under his direction as part of the Lunenburg Public Schools celebration around the 2016 opening of a new high school campus. Read More

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Personalized Learning in Physical Education

Originally published Dec. 18, 2017 in the Huffington Post.

By Jackie Greaves

The goal of my class is simple: to build active learners who have the skills to succeed healthily in college and the world beyond. I asked my 5th grade P.E. classes to respond to this question: “Why is it important to get exercise daily?”

The most striking response that helped reinforce the reason I use personalized learning was one from a 10-year old student: “Exercise helps keep me disease free so I can live longer.” A simple answer really when you break it down, but one that made me feel happy because I as her teacher was able to help her see this very important connection between exercise and longevity.

Getting my students to see this is easier when I connect learning to their own lives. I started our Jump Rope for Heart Month by sharing a story about my father who died from a heart attack. I showed my class a video which tells the stories of several young children and the stories of their heart disease. My students then participated in a whole class discussion based around their own experiences and understandings of what it means to have a healthy heart. Read More


Inside Vista High’s Big National Experiment With Personalized Learning

Originally published Sept. 28, 2017 in the Voice of San Diego.

By Voice of San Diego

Great educators have always known certain things.

Students learn at different paces, in different ways. Students do better when they’re interested in what they’re learning.

Charter, private and even some traditional public schools are actively bringing these philosophies into classrooms.

It’s a movement commonly called “personalized learning” and is part of an evolution away from the traditional classroom model.

Read More